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Faisal Daudpota Speaks at IDI Conference in Paris

June 09 – 10, 2017, Paris, France Faisal Daudpota, the Senior Partner of our firm, speaks on the topic of “Rebranding and Changing Know-How in Franchising: Rebranding Provided for in the Franchise Agreement” at the 2017 Annual Conference of International Distribution Institute (IDI)

Pakistan – Case-Law: Tribunal defines franchise agreement and royalty

C.I.R., ZONE-I, LTU, Karachi v Karachi Port Trust, Karachi [2016 PTD (Trib.) 1428] The Inland Revenue Tribunal of Pakistan has issued a decision discussing the meaning and scope of words “Franchise” and “Franchise agreement” as: “(1) Franchise: Generally speaking, a franchise business takes effect when a person, either natural or artificial grants an authority or [...]

Pakistan – Case Law: Court defines franchising while ruling on taxable royalties

Honda Atlas Car Pakistan Limited v Federation of Pakistan & Others [2016 PTD 1328] The Lahore High Court in Pakistan has for the first time in Pakistan’s jurisprudence defined the concept of franchising that: “… Franchise is the right to produce, manufacture, sell or deal in any product or business or service for a fee [...]

Pakistan – Case-Law: Payments for concentrate of beverages of specific brands amount to royalties that are taxable

Pakistan Beverage Ltd., Karachi v. DCIR-09, Audit DIvision-II, LTU [2014 PTD (Trib.) 347] The Inland Revenue Appellate Tribunal of Pakistan issued a decision in this case that excise duty is applicable to payments made by a bottling company under a tripartite agreement to a sole supplier (Pepsi-Cola Hattar) for purchase of concentrate for beverages of [...]

Pakistan – Case Law: No Bailment Contract When No Delivery of Goods

To Constitute an Effective Bailment Contract there Must be Actual Tender and Delivery of the Goods and Acceptance Thereof by the Bailee. That is, Mere Putting into Possession of the Documents of Title Does Not Constitute Bailment of Goods. On 28 September 2016, the High Court of Sindh, in Pakistan, has issued a judgment in [...]

Article: Pakistan’s Specialized Courts for IPRs Enforcement

On 01 October 2015, the Intellectual Property Organization of Pakistan confirmed through a press release that Pakistan’s Federal Government has appointed presiding officers to three Intellectual Property Tribunals (IP Tribunals) that have been set up pursuant to mandate of Intellectual Property Organization of PakistanAct, 2012 (IPOPA’12). This certainly is a long-awaited development. That will improve intellectual property rights development in Pakistan, as well as a demonstration of pragmatism [...]

Pakistan – Case Law: Gift of Real Estate under Islamic Law

Failure to Deliver Original Title Documents Renders the Real Estate Gift Transaction as Invalid On 14 December 2015, the High Court of Sindh, in Pakistan, has issued a judgment in favor of our client, in the case of Abdul Haleem v Gulshan-e-Faisal Cooperative Housing Society & Others (Suit No. 1018/2005). The main claim in this [...]

Junaid Daudpota Becomes Member to Singapore Institute of Arbitrators

August 14, 2014, Karachi, Pakistan Junaid Daudpota, the Partner of our firm, has been inducted by Singapore Institute of Arbitrators as a member. This is another milestone towards our firms policy of continuously enhancing the capabilities of the members of our firm as regards their professional specializations.

Faisal Daudpota Speaks at INTA Conference in Dubai

December 09 – 10, 2013, Dubai, UAE Faisal Daudpota, the Senior Partner of our firm, speaks on the topic of “Well Known Marks in the UAE and Pakistan – A Comparative Approach” at the Hot Topics In the Middle East Conference, which was organized by International Trademark Association (INTA)

Smuggled/pirated goods: FBR, IPO-Pakistan launch countrywide action

The Federal Board of Revenue has launched country-wide action against the smuggled/pirated goods in co-ordination with the Intellectual Property Organisation of Pakistan. The FBR has issued instructions to all Collectors of Customs in this regard here Thursday to seriously examine the concerns of IPO-Pakistan for appropriate action. … Click here to read more about this [...]